Saturday, November 22, 2008

More on the Gophers

I had the professional exterminators come yesterday to take care of the gophers. I asked him if he was going to be killing the gophers.

“No, we don’t kill gophers. We provide them with special pellets and they can choose to eat them or not. If they choose to do eat them, then obviously they are choosing to die”.

Am I the only one who thinks this answer is weird?

The real answer should be, "YES, We are killing them. What did you think we were doing? "

Do we really have to sanitize everything??


Amander said...

Hahaha. That statement, "...they are choosing to die," is classic. Sounds like some of the answers I get from clients in therapy!

Maryla said...

Good lord. If you're in the pest extermination business, embrace it, for cryingoutloud. "Yup, we kill them little varmits dead. And then we make hats out of their pelts and do a little victory dance."

I still think there is a place for a no-kill pest relocation business, where you wrangle up the pests and then dump them on the doorstep of some dumb sucker who'll rescue anything with four legs.

Oh wait . . . on second thought, I have enough on my hands with 3 cats and 2 rabbits.

Beth Quist said...

Yep, all those little critters would probably be put on your doorstep! :-)