Thursday, October 2, 2008

The VP Debate

I think many of us tuned into tonight’s VP debate with the anticipation of catching a train wreck. We wanted to see if Palin could pull it off, and she did. She was able to stand her ground and was well rehearsed. She separated herself from Bush and stayed on her prepared message. She did OK.

The debate seemed to mitigate some of the damage Palin created with her Katie Curic interview. But for me, there was one brief moment that stirred me. It was when I saw a different Joe Biden than the usual professional man standing before us. It was the moment when he shared an event about his wife who had died and the difficulty in raising his 2 young sons. It was unscripted, and as he choked ever so softly, we at that very brief moment could peek behind the curtain and see the real man. I was touched. I felt a connection. The moment was brief and fleeting, and then he quickly pulled the curtain shut and was once again Joe the professional. But for me, that brief moment was the highlight of the debate…it was a recognition and a connection to his humanity.

And that was enough to win me over.


LazyBuddhist said...

Yup. Biden demonstrated both professional strength and personal vunerability at the debate. I walked away from the debate really liking the guy, and with complete faith that if he had to take the reigns of the Presidency, he would be more than capable.

Palin, on the other hand . . . oh, don't get me started.

Beth Quist said...

Did you see the clip about Palin at a school talking about what a VP does? She said that the VP is in charge of the Senate? Wow! Kind of scary that she doesn't know the job description and expectations of that role.